The transport of Carbon Black Oil and Liquid Sulphur

ZwaansDelta Barging has two areas of expertise:

  • The transport over inland waterways of carbon black oil and associated products such as cracked distillate, pyrolysis oil, etc. For this purpose, we have modern double-hull barges that are employed on a dedicated basis.
  • The transport of liquid sulphur over inland waterways is also performed using dedicated double-hull barges.


IMG_214851The transport of Carbon Black Oil

Carbon black oil is the collective name for a group of products that are distinctive and differ from each other due to their specific production processes and applications. All of the products have to be transported at a temperature between 55°C and 70°C, depending on the type of product and the customer’s requirements. ZwaansDelta Barging has four double-hull barges that transport carbon black oil on behalf of the oil companies and the petrochemical industry.

The transport of heavy fuel oil and other black products

We use our own barges and chartered barges to transport heavy fuel oil and other black products in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) area as well as over the Rhine to and from Germany and Switzerland. Our customers include major oil companies and independent traders.

The transport of liquid sulphur

After the first double-hull barge for the transport of liquid sulphur was built in 1967, the fleet for the dedicated transport of this product was successfully expanded in the subsequent years. Due to advanced technical insight and higher quality demands, the two oldest barges were replaced, resulting in the current fleet of six modern inland barges. These barges are all constructed and equipped in accordance with the most advanced requirements applicable for the transport of liquid sulphur that takes place at an approximate temperature of 135ºC. Transport operations are carried out 7 days a week in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, based on long-term contracts through which continuity and transport security is guaranteed for our customers.


"As reliable specialist with a modern fleet for inland transport of Carbon Black Oil and Liquid Sulphur, ZwaansDelta has some of the world’s largest oil and petrochemical companies as its customers."


Freight forwarding, agency and support services

Given that ZwaansDelta has transported substantial volumes on both a contractual and spot basis for many years, third-party barges are also hired on a regular basis for varying periods in addition to the company’s own fleet.

As a result, the long-term cooperation with various shipping entrepreneurs (private and otherwise) involves a lot more than just freight forwarding activities. If so desired, we can provide a large number of additional and supporting services that save private entrepreneurs a great deal of time and effort. Our close contacts with port authorities and loading/unloading quays put us in an ideal position to deal with port charges on behalf of third parties.

In terms of administrative services, we provide transparent financial accounting services ranging from (credit) invoicing per trip to the complete accounting and financial statements for private companies. We advise third parties during the preparation and negotiations for investments and other financial issues.

Finally, our fleet manager is available on a permanent basis to provide the necessary technical, safety and quality supervision of the barges that we employ. Among other things, this supervision regards the implementation of our quality system, consultancy and support for repair work, the creation of maintenance and large-scale survey schedules, education and training for fleet personnel and on-board audits, which not only increase the operational reliability of the business in question, but also satisfy our customers’ standards as much as possible.